Washington DC (Spring 2017)

After experiencing a whole season of winter in Minnesota, I was dreading to have spring soon. From my research, New York’s  cherry blossom will bloom around April, so the soonest one is in DC.

DC is home to the US’s largest cherry blossom festival. This year however, NPS reported that 50% of the blossoms got damaged by winter storm Stella and when they peak bloom, it will only take around 5 days before the flowers shower off. Though the weather is a bit gloomy, we were lucky to see them bloom.

We toured around some recognizable monuments and structures, which are mostly DC’s attractions: Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln, Washington, Martin Luther, National Cathedral, US Capitol, Library of Congress, World war II Memorial, Smithsonian Castle, and cherry blossoms just make everything more beautiful.


We rented a car since we think it was the most convenient for me especially that I get easily tired. The challenge is looking for a parking slot.


We’re lucky that during our visit in DC, Hirshhorn museum is featuring Yayoi Kusama infinity mirrors and that I was able to get tickets before being sold out 5 minutes after release.

We spent a total of 3.5 hours here because of long lines. We only got to take very few pictures because rooms were dark and we were given 20-second limit in each room except in the polka dots room.

It’s fun for experience but if given the chance to do this again, I’d just line up in my favorite room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away (the one with multicolor lights).



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