My Pregnancy Journey

Trying to conceive.

When I went here in the US to be a housewife, Mel and I thought it would be a great timing for us to have a baby, so we were really looking forward to a positive pregnancy test result. There were times I got frustrated when my monthly visitor showed up. Sometimes, I just wished my period wouldn’t be delayed if I weren’t pregnant so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.  Mel consoled me saying that it’s okay to be not pregnant yet so we could enjoy US and save in the meantime. Gotten tired, I just prayed that I be patient and just let it be, putting in mind that God knows best. Then in November, I realized that I had nothing to be frustrated about because we hadn’t actually tried hard. So that month, I’ve had these thoughts:
Plan A: Do some conscious efforts
Plan B: use ovulation kit test to increase chance in terms of timing fertile window
Plan C: consult doctors for both of us
Plan D: go back to the Philippines in the meantime

Plan A is what we did first for November. Mel didn’t drink alcohol, he quit smoking, we took vitamins, ate vegetables, I tried to eat more to gain weight, do baby making not only on my forecasted fertile week but also after, and I even followed the advise of putting my legs up after. :p  I just then prayed for this Christmas wish.


Week 7 – The Start of Symptoms

Starting this week, I could totally feel I’m pregnant with these symptoms. Unfortunately, winter made it worse because the cold temperature made me pee more, I couldn’t take a walk outside because it’s freezing cold, I couldn’t open the ‘frozen’ windows and opening the patio for better ventilation caused me colds.

Though having these symptoms is normal, it is definitely not easy. And though not easy, I would take it as long as baby is safe and healthy.

Good thing there’s not much stress going on for me, except the racist changes being made by Trump’s admin and the slow processing of Philippine Embassy regarding our documents. I’m not sure yet whether I will give birth in Philippines or here in US, but I’m just hoping everything will be fine soon. I just have to trust that God has plans for us and He knows best.

Week 9 – Prenatal Classweek9.jpg

Week 10 – A Glimpse of You

Mel and I were so excited for this 1st check up! Urine and blood test, transvaginal ultrasound, flu shot, papsmear, doctor’s check up were done. Seeing the baby for the 1st time was beyond amazing, specially when we saw its movement and heartbeat. Mel was holding my arm, with big smile on our faces and hearts so full! Results so far were good according to the doctor. Thank God! 🙂


Week 12

Early genetic screening (NT ultrasound and blood test) for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome was done. Though results will still be next week, we couldn’t wait any longer to share the news to everyone! 🙂


Week 13
week 13_blog

week17 blog


Week 20/21teaser gender revealgender reveal blog11_wk2212_wk2613_wk 28

14_wk 2915_wk 29a16_wk 30

So far, the cost of check-ups is around $3000, 80% of which was covered by insurance, and the cost of maternity and baby things is around $1200.

That’s it for now. I’ll update this blog in the months to come with my pregnancy highlights, baby bump pics, check up, cost and statistics summary 🙂


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