Prenup Photoshoot

As freelance photographers, maybe this is the part Mel and I both enjoyed the most (aside from food tasting and gown hunting) during wedding preps.

We had a total of 5 sets, 2 locations, with theme of boho, casual & formal. Mel was the one who arranged the logistics while I took care of the styling. I shopped for all clothes except the violet gown, which I borrowed from my college bestie Kathy. My hmua brought extra textiles that we could also use.
I also did the flower crown and bouquet. So pretty much, these are DIYs. 🙂

It was so much fun shooting with friends, we are very very grateful 🙂

Make-up: Ten Franco
Our VideoReel Story

Photo: Marione Garcia, Jerome Sta Ana Pedro, Erickson Floresca, Tony Perez
Edit: Bright House Studio



Few tips:

1. Take time in choosing your suppliers. I’m a bit flattered whenever people, specially bride-to-be’s ask me for some opinions, and I am really happy to help. 🙂
There are a lot of wedding suppliers already and there are a lot of great ones. They however vary not only in rates, but of course in experience, work ethics, styles and outputs. Outcome is the first you’ll be able to see through their portfolio. Photos vary in vibrance, color (is it brownish, yellowish, pinkish?), skin tone (does the skin appears pale, brownish, grainy?), effect (is it natural looking, hdr, vintage, etc.), content (were they able to capture important parts? poses, repetitive shots, creative?) and consistency. Once you see these differences, you may be able to pick which one you prefer more.

Then if you have already shortlisted few (you like & within your budget), time to meet them up (or in the bridal fair) to be able to clarify all things, see more of their works (photobook for example), and to feel their vibes. This is important because you’ll be working with them a lot of time and if you don’t have rapport with them, it might be not easy and enjoyable as it should.

2. Choose a theme. You can always ask for photographer or stylist’s suggestions, but it’s always better to go for what you really want & what you’re comfortable with. The more personal, the better. You can explore photographer’s sites & wedding blogs for inspirations. You can show your pegs to the photog, videog and hmua, for better collaboration. From this, you’ll be able to plan next the location & styling.

3. Research for locations considering the theme, time slot & rate, then consult it to the team you’ll be working with.
Indoor or outdoor? I think it’s easier to shoot indoor because the light settings can be controlled, while outdoor, you have to deal with harsh sunlight and shadows. But I love the latter more because of effect of natural light. But then again, this depends on your theme. Also check your photographer’s portfolio for outdoor and indoor shoots.

If you choose outdoors setting, especially if it’s beach, I suggest have it done at least 2 months before wedding so as to recover from sun exposure. You cannot apply sunblock as much as you want because it sometimes reflects in the photo, and sometimes does not go well with the make up.

4. Styling. If you can do it yourself, why not but if you want a more hassle-free, you can hire a stylist that has portfolio similar to your peg. For outfit, make sure you’re comfortable posing with it. It is also important that you and your partner’s outfits are cohesive. For make-up, professional HMUAs know their thing, but you can always say what you like and what you don’t, say for example a certain lipstick shade.

5. Have fun! Feel it! :p It’s not everyday that you’re gonna be like celebrity all glammed up and having the paparazzi around :p You can practice in the mirror or look at your previous photos to know which angles are more flattering. This is also your photo/video “break-in” in preparation for wedding. 😉


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